River Access on August City Council Agenda

The City of Rivergrove will hold type IV public hearing regarding the adoption of Ordinance #92-2018, a revision of Ordinance #80-2011, which governs the use of the public parks and the boat ramp. The hearing will be on Monday, August 13, 2018 at 6:00 pm in Lloyd Minor Park on Dogwood Drive between Tualamere Avenue and Marlin Avenue. The procedures followed will be pursuant to Rivergrove Land Use Ordinance sections 4.120 and 6.225-6.229. Proposed changes to the ordinance include:  Limiting hours of operation of the boat ramp; prohibiting unaccompanied minors at the boat ramp; and prohibiting launching of gasoline or diesel-powered motorcraft at the boat ramp. For additional information concerning Ordinance #92-2018 you may call the city manager/city recorder at 503.639.6919 or email manager@cityofrivergrove.com.