Comprehensive Plan Revised Goal #12 - Transportation

September 2017 Transportation Report


April:  County states: No Thermoplastic on pavement. It is too expensive to install andmaintain. This is in regards to Sycamore safety.

June:  County okays proceeding with traffic calming, but only with the support of Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue.  TVF&R does not support raised crosswalks or bumps.  But most other options are Okay.

August:  Clackamas County and TVF&R have agreed in principle to allow Rivergrove to install speed cushions on Childs Road.  Must have another citizens’ input meeting.

September:  County proposes installation of radar speed feedback signs instead of speed cushions.  Next year would be feasible. Offer of temporary Radar Speed Feedback Signs week of Sept. 18.  Rivergrove Okayed for temporary sign on Childs but requested raw info generated by the signs. Sign is 5 feet wide.  Will be placed east of Megley Ct. facing west-bound traffic. 

Clackamas County:  Drawbacks to speed cushions are: reduce emergency response times (not according to TVF&R), generate noise, wear and tear on vehicles, and are unsightly­.  Require costly thermoplastic pavement markings and signing, infer with snowplow and street maintenance, require ongoing maintenance.  Easy for drivers to defeat.

It is felt by all Transportation Committee members that Clackamas County is putting their street maintenance budget over safety and option of changing Childs into a 4 lane street someday.

The Committee is frustrated with the County.  Get green light to a plan then given reason it is not acceptable.  We have permission in writing to do whatever the TVF&R okays, and we feel we should work toward that goal.  Don’t think the radar signs alone really advance the safety goals of the City. If the speed cushions work as opposed to the radar signs, then extra street maintenance and car wear and tear is a small price to pay compared to someone being hit.

We are planning another (electronic and paper) survey soon.  On October 9 at 6pm a citizens’ meeting will be held to talk about those results. 

In August the ODOT Gas Tax received was $2,414.43, the income net for August was $1,573.05.   As of the end of August, the Transportation Account has $68,358.33.

For the first time in several years, the state is making Grant Money available under the Safe Routes to Schools Program.  The Grant applications will be available in mid-2018.  It is a lottery-type method.  Rivergrove is eligible in conjunction with the County.  We feel we are in a good position to be prepared for this process. There will be a 20% portion necessary to be covered by Rivergrove.   

july 2017 Transportation report

Councilor’s Bahrman and Mayor Kibbey met with Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue to discuss the transportation plan. The City cannot have a raised crosswalk on Childs Road because it is a main emergency thoroughfare. The City is exploring other options to slow traffic. The Transportation Committee will meet this month to discuss next steps.

June 2017 Transportation Report

Councilor Bahrman recounted a recent communication with Clackamas County where it was communicated that the City could proceed with design of the proposed traffic calming on Childs Road if Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue supports the plan. Currently, TVFD does not support raised crosswalks on roads designated as Primary Response routes. The County suggested the following alternatives:

1) Permanent radar speed feedback signs on Childs, facing both ways. These have been shown to be effective in reducing overall vehicle speeds.

2) Speed cushions, which may be approved for Secondary Response Routes.

The costs for either alternatives are not likely to exceed that for raised crosswalks. Councilor Bahrman has been attempting to reach TVFR to discuss the County’s options.