The City of Rivergrove has jurisdiction over Childs Road west of 65th Avenue (in Washington County) and West Road.

The following roads in Rivergrove are under the jurisdiction of Clackamas County: Childs Road from 65th Avenue to Sycamore Avenue, Pilkington Road from Dawn Street to Childs Road, Sycamore Avenue, Marlin Avenue, Tualamere Avenue, most of Dogwood Drive and a portion of Dawn Street. (See map).


If you see a hazardous roadway condition on a county road, something that needs immediate attention, please call:

Clackamas County Transportation Maintenance at 503-557-6391

Monday - Thursday, 7 am. - 5:30 pm.


Sheriff's Office at 503-655-8211 (outside normal business hours)

Street lights

If you see a street light issue in Rivergrove along Childs Road, Marlin Avenue, Tualamere Avenue, Dogwood Drive, Dawn Street, or Pilkington Road please contact PGE at 503-464-7777 or submit a request online.

If you see a streetlight issue on Woodcrest Lane, Riverwood Road, Megly Court or Lorna Lane, these lights are owned by private Home Owner's Associations.