The quality of life in Rivergrove is improved through the efforts of willing volunteers. Here are a few volunteer opportunities to consider. If they sound interesting to you, please contact us.


transportation committee

Collaborate to develop a comprehensive transportation plan for the City of Rivergrove that addresses roads, bridges, bike and pedestrian pathways, mass transit, safety, and road maintenance. The Transportation Committee meets monthly.

tree board

The Tree Board is tasked with updating Rivergrove’s Tree Ordinance. A healthy urban forest will contribute to the well-being and quality of life in Rivergrove. Collaborate with other residents to draft this important Ordinance.

park maintenance

Be on the team to help keep our parks looking their best. There is year-round work to be done, such as weed whacking, mowing, shrubbery trimming and planting.

ordinance revision

This committee will analyze the existing ordinances, make recommendations for change, and continue to transfer our existing land use ordinances to an updated format.

emergency preparedness

If you are interested in working on details of an emergency preparedness plan for the city, your help is certainly welcome. Much of this can be accomplished at home, with some infrequent meetings.

history of rivergrove

Our city’s history may be lost if steps are not taken to record it while some of our city founders are still living here. We need volunteers to interview residents who have played a role in nurturing our city over the years, collect photos, and gather and archive historical information.

planning commission

Help make planning and zoning decisions and review development permit applications and tree removal applications. Commissioners are appointed and must be willing to serve a 3-year term, with monthly meetings on the first Monday of each month.

administrative tasks

Assist the City Manager/ City Recorder with administrative tasks, including copying, folding, and mailing the Rivergrove Report.

city council

Run for office and serve on the City Council, the governing body of the City of Rivergrove. Councilors are elected and serve a four-year term.

budget committee

The city needs members of the community to serve on the annual Budget Committee, which meets in early April and May of each year.


If you would like to volunteer your time and talents with the City of Rivergrove, fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you.

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