a development permit is required...

If you are planning a partition or subdivision, a construction project (large or small, such as a new house, an addition, a shed larger than 200 sq. feet, or a deck), an excavation, installation of sanitary sewer or a demolition, you will need to obtain a development permit from the City of Rivergrove before the County will issue a building, plumbing or electrical permit.

In general, work done entirely inside your home will not need a Development Permit, but first check with the City of Rivergrove to make a determination.

Any development in the floodplain or a Water Quality Resource Area requires a development permit. 

If you are not sure if you need to submit a Development Permit Application, please contact the City to make a determination.


Submit a complete application by the development permit deadline (see events) to the City Manager/ City Recorder.

At the Planning Commission Meeting: You will have a completeness review and procedural type assigned. If your project does not meet the criteria of"development," the City will issue you a letter stating such for you to include when applying for county permits. If you are requesting to submit additional information, please do so within two weeks.

At the next Planning Commission Meeting: A decision for most applications will be reached (in most cases). If your development application is complete, or your property is within the 100-year flood plain, or an environmentally sensitive area, this meeting will be your public hearing. In either case, the Planning Commission will make its decision unless there is a request for the public hearing to be continued to the next Planning Commission meeting.

Within ten days after your decision is reached: A copy of the signed decision will be mailed to you, along with an invoice, within ten days after the decision is reached. The Notice of Decision will also be sent to anyone who testified at the public hearing for your application. However, the City must wait until the appeal period (if any) has passed and the account has been paid in full to issue the stamped copies of both the decision and site plan that will allow you to apply for a building permit at the County. The appeal period for Type II and Type III procedures is ten days after the receipt of the signed decision. There is no appeal period on Type I decisions.

These are general guidelines. Since each application submitted is unique, there may be circumstances that require it to vary from what is outlined here.

Application and Checklist

Submit electronic files and 2 paper copies of the following:

  • Application

  • Proof of ownership

  • Notarized Agreement to meet costs of development review

  • Building plans showing front, rear, and side elevations and roof height

  • Site plan (1 additional copy, 3 total)

  • 100' or 200' radius mailing labels or pre-addressed envelopes

  • Completed County forms for building, plumbing, and/or electrical permits

  • Elevation certificate if property is within the 100-year flood elevation

  • Survey if property is within the 100-year flood elevation

  • Tree survey and mitigation plan if trees are to be removed

  • Tree Removal Application if trees are to be removed

  • Grading Plan if grading is proposed

  • Other pertinent information


City Contact Information



P.O. Box 1104, Lake Oswego, OR 97035