tree removal permit

All trees to be removed in Rivergrove require a permit.

A tree is defined as having a trunk larger than or equal to 11.5 inches in diameter (36 inch circumference) measured 4.5 feet from the ground.

Anything less than this in size is not considered a jurisdictional tree and no permit is required for removal.

Any application to remove a tree in the floodplain or any application to remove more than three trees in one calendar year requires a hearing before the Planning Commission.

Please refer to the Rivergrove Tree Ordinance for specifics.

Rivergrove Tree Removal Ordinance #70-2004

“Even an infinite number of young trees cannot replace one mature tree. Trees are living organisms that change over time, and it takes a long time for them to mature. Humans can’t buy back that time and just stick it in the ground.”
— Brian French, City Arborist


Submit the Tree Removal Permit Application and supporting documents, including an Arborist's Report and Site Plan with trees clearly marked, to the City Manager.

Note: If you are requesting to remove a tree or trees in a Water Quality Resource Area or Flood Hazard Zone or are requesting to remove more than three trees, you are also required to submit a notarized Fee Agreement. Your application will be reviewed by the Planning Commission.

A fee of $20 per tree, starting with the fourth tree per year, plus actual costs incurred by the City for all administrative, legal, engineering, The City may require the staff arborist to visit the tree removal site and make recommendations at the applicant's expense.



If you are required to mitigate a tree, please choose a species from Metro's Native Species List


In emergency conditions that required the immediate cutting or removal of trees to avoid danger or hazard to persons or property, an emergency permit may be issued by the Mayor, the President of the City Council, or the Chair of the Planning Commission, without formal application or payment of a fee. The City must be notified within seven (7) days after removal.


Unpermitted removal of a tree is punishable by a fine not to exceed $1,500.00.