Annexation application

Rivergrove Land Development Ordinances, Section 6.235, Annexation criteria

A proposal to annex territory to the city shall be conducted under the Type IV procedure with supplements or modifications required to comply with state law. When an annexation proposal has been initiated and the (planning director) has determined the territory is eligible for annexation it shall be referred to the planning commission. The commission shall base its recommendation on whether the following criteria have been met:

(1) The proposal conforms to the comprehensive plan or substantial changes in conditions have occurred which render the comprehensive plan inapplicable to the annexation.

(2) The inclusion of the territory within the city would be consistent with the purpose served by the city.

Although the city council shall make affirmative findings on the two criteria if it proceeds with the annexation, proceedings may be terminated by the council at any time.


Please provide the following items:

Completed application (7 copies)

Signed and notarized fees agreement (1 original, 1 copy)

250 foot radius mailing labels, measured from perimeter of your property (1 set)

Copy of title report showing that you own this property (7 copies)

Site plan showing buildings on the property (7 copies)

Map or drawing showing how the property is contiguous to the city limits (7 copies)



Applicants pay the actual costs to the City, i.e. staff and consultant time.