The City of Rivergrove is not hiring at this time.


Rivergrove Staff Hiring Procedures

  1. Council reviews position and job description

  2. Council decides hiring process

  3. Position is posted on City website and advertised in Rivergrove Report

  4. Councilors review applications and resumes

  5. City Manager schedules candidates for interview

  6. Council conducts interviews in Executive Session

  7. Council returns to regular session and votes on a prospective employee

  8. Council issues offer letter

Employee Handbook

City manager/ City Recorder job description


General Roles and Responsibilities

Under the terms of Section 10 of the Charter of the City of Rivergrove, the City Manager/City Recorder is appointed (and may be removed by) the Mayor with the consent of Council. The City Manager/Recorder assists the Mayor and Council in the development of City policies and carries out policies established by ordinances, resolutions and general directions approved by Council. The City Manager/City Recorder is responsible for coordinating City Council and Planning Commission meetings and agendas, and ensuring compliance with laws governing public meeting, records, archives and elections.

The City Manager/City Recorder serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the City and is responsible for overseeing compliance with all City codes and regulations, for the conduct of all financial activities including the City Budget, and for the efficient and economical performance of the City’s operations.

The City Manager/City Recorder attends City Council and Planning Commission meetings, and takes minutes at each. He or she is responsible for receiving development applications, mail and incoming calls and emails. The City Manager/City Recorder prepares and oversees the distribution of the Rivergrove Report newsletter and manages the City website.

Preferred Qualifications

The ideal, preferred candidate would have the following qualifications and skills:

  1. Education: A college degree or advanced degrees, preferably in Public Administration or a related field. A satisfactory combination of practical experience and education will be considered if the candidate can demonstrate he or she can satisfactorily perform the job functions.

  2. Experience: Work experience in a position (or positions) that required good management and communication skills.Municipal administration experience is preferred.

  3. Residence in the City of Rivergrove. Residence is not required but preference will be given to residents of Rivergrove insofar as this officer also hosts City Hall.

Skills and Performance Standards

Administrative Management Abilities: The City Manager/City Recorder must be able to establish and maintain positive and cooperative working relationships with City Councilors, Planning Commissioners, City Planner, City Attorney, City Arborist, City Engineer, staff from other agencies and jurisdictions, citizens, volunteers and permit applicants. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential, as are excellent basic computer skills.

The City Manager/City Recorder Must be able to oversee all city operations such as city meetings, budgeting and finance, planning and land use, resolution and ordinance adoption, public notice, website management, public safety, emergency management, archives and records management, park maintenance and all other city functions and services.

Community and Intergovernmental Relations: A vital attribute is the ability to respond effectively and attentively to citizen or applicant requests or complaints. The City Manager/City Recorder is expected to exercise the highest degree of tact, patience and professional courtesy with the public, with elected and appointed officials, and in communication with other governmental agencies.

Knowledge Base: The City Manager/City Recorder must have or be willing and able to acquire a basic knowledge of Oregon public meeting and land use law, records retention law, as well as Rivergrove’s ordinances and FEMA regulations.  A basic knowledge of budget and finance practices is necessary.

Other Valuable Skills: The ability to produce accurate minutes of City meetings is essential. Previous experience with grant-writing,as well as website construction and maintenance are an asset. Experience with the production of a newsletter is a useful skill.

Essential Functions

The City Manager/City Recorder must be able to fulfill the following essential functions:

  • Effective communication with constituents in a positive and respectful manner

  • Above average verbal communication skills

  • Above average written communication skills

  • Regular and reliable attendance at meetings

  • The ability to operate a computer using general office software including but not limited to word processing, manipulation of spreadsheets and email programs.

  • The ability to accurately complete budget related calculations.

  • The ability to maintain accurate accounting practices, including reconciling bank accounts, accounts receivables and accounts payables.

Hours of Work

The job of City Manager/City Recorder is considered to be part-time employment, although the number of required hours will fluctuate from week to week depending on the need.  At no time is the City Manager/City Recorder expected to work more than 40 hours a week. Attendance at City Council and Planning Commission meetings is required. However, other tasks may be completed on a flexible schedule, provided they are carried out in a reasonable and timely manner and all deadlines are met. For example, calls to citizens should be within standard working hours.

Jobs Performed by the city manager/ city recorder

The following is a list that illustrates the scope of work performed the City Manager/City Recorder. Some tasks are monthly, others are annual, while some are as needed.

Meeting Management:

  • Attends all city meetings

  • Takes meeting minutes & edits

  • Writes agendas for Planning Commission and City Council per the Planning Commission Chairand Mayor

  • Ensures distribution of the PC and CC agendas, financial reports, minutes, development application materials, and any other pertinent items relating to the agenda items

  • Distributes staff reports and agendas to applicants and PC prior to Planning Commission meetings

  • Secures meeting room reservations

  • Distributes agendas for CC meetings to attendees.

  • Creates sign-in sheet and collects an attendance record for PC and CC meetings

  • Posts notice in the event of a special or emergency meeting and secures room reservation


  • Gathers newsletter information from the PC and CC and City staff

  • Writes, copies and creates mailing labels forcity newsletter

  • Maintains and updates city mailing list

  • Provides official public notice for public hearings by publishing, posting and/or mailing

  • Manages and maintains city website

Development Fees, Billing, Communication

  • Handles post-decision paperwork and ensures that decisions are signed and sent to all necessary parties.

  • Ensure that final plats are signed and released when fees are completely paid.

  • Tracks development deadlines and follow through to see that development deadlines are met.

  • Accepts development applications, ensures that the required number of copies is submitted and forwards them as appropriate to planning staff and estimates fees to applicant

  • Serves as in-progress contact point for applicants and planning consultant, legal and engineer

Finance/Budget Management

  • Bills development applicants. Discuss fees with applicants as necessary.

  • Ensures fees and fines are paid before release of documents.

  • Manages city bank accounts

  • Pays city bills/Collects city income

  • Makes bank deposits

  • Prepares and submits annual budget.

  • Secures fidelity bond or initiates audits

  • Performs payroll functions (payments, 1099’s, W-2, W-4, withholding payments, new hire packets, coordinates with Tabor Accounting as needed)


  • Serves as city-wide custodian of official and permanent city records

  • Serves as city’s elections officer/conduct all election duties

  • Serves as city’s census reporter

  • Oversees state ethics form submittals

  • Updates and maintains official city ordinance and resolution book

  • Provides records to the public as requested

  • Hosts city phone line

  • Responds to city voice mail

  • Hosts city fax line

  • Hosts city e-mail and responds accordingly

  • Retrieves mail from post office

  • Runs the daily business affairs of the City.

  • Makes minor decisions regarding tree-cutting that don’t require CC input.

  • Advises City Council on administrative matters related to city operations

  • Interface with City staff, Mayor, Council and Committees.

  • Ensures that there is a physical address for City

  • Responds to citizen complaints

  • Provides (with reimbursement) refreshments at designated city functions

  • Helps plan annual picnic

  • Performs all other related duties that support the overall objectives of the city as directed by City Council.