FEE SCHEDULE and payment agreement for development permit applications and appeals

BUILDING PERMIT (CITY FEE)                                       $25.00*

VARIANCE/HARDSHIP RELIEF                                        Actual Costs

TYPE I REVIEW                                                                   Actual Costs

TYPE II REVIEW                                                                  Actual Costs

TYPE III REVIEW                                                                 Actual Costs

TYPE IV REVIEW                                                                 Actual Costs


                 See Ord. 74-2004 – Actual City Cost will apply upon appeal



                  $500.00 per residential unit for parks under Ordinance 82-2011

APPEAL OF TYPE I DECISION (fee to be paid upon filing appeal)


APPEAL OF TYPE II, III, and IV DECISIONS (deposit to be paid upon filing appeal)

                  $250.00 + Actual Costs

The actual costs are those costs incurred by the City in reviewing the aforesaid application for compliance with the applicable approval criteria, development and design standards. Such costs shall include the actual costs of City’s land use planners, engineers and attorneys incurred in reviewing that application, including any appeal to any City authority, whether filed by applicant or others. 

In addition, the City requires a deposit before it will process a land use application:

Deposit Amounts:

Type III Review for dock - $300

Type I Review - $400

Type II Review- $500

Type III Review - $1,000

Partition - $2,000

Subdivision - $5,000

Appeal - $250

Where the applicant seeks a variance or hardship relief the applicant shall submit a $500 deposit in addition to the amount of deposit for the relevant review described above.

Where the City’s actual cost of review of the land use application does not amount to the total deposit, a refund to the applicant of any remaining balance of the deposit shall be issued within sixty (60) days of issuance of the land use decision.